Dive Sites

Most of our diving is done on the west coast of Scotland, from shore diving in the inshore sea lochs to hard boat diving in Scapa flow, the Farne Islands and St. Kilda. As an active group, dives are arranged most weeks, and because of the diversity of sites close by, we can always find somewhere for a bimble regardless of the weather. For more information on the sites we visit, have a look at the links below.

This directory will be constantly updated as we dive in more places, and to keep all information as current and accurate as possible. Should you have any questions about a dive site, please get in touch with the person who wrote the site description.

South-west Scotland

The Clyde

Loch Long

Loch Fyne

Oban and surrounding area

Sound of Mull

Skye and the north-west

Scapa Flow and the Northern Isles

East coast sites


Got a dive site to add that’s not on the list? Get in touch with us through the contact page with a short description of the site and how to get there and we’ll add it to the list.