Kenmore Point

To get to this site you have to drive along the track between Inverary caravan park and Furnace quarry.  After about 2-3 miles, you’ll see a fairly large parking area with a driveway leading down to a house and the beach.  There’s also a monument on the small hill by the loch, so you should know you’re in the right place.

This driveway is private property so don’t take your car down to the shore, and make sure you don’t leave rubbish etc. behind.  The people who own the house seem fairly ok with having divers using the site, but it’s easy enough for them to stop allowing it.

Underwater, you basically walk in from the shore, drop down and follow the rock wall  out and round the point.  As long as you keep the wall on your right as you go out, you shuoldn’t go too far wrong.  Around the point, the dive gets more interesting as the wall gets steeper and deeper with plenty of life to see.  There’s also a bit of a rubbish dump further round with a washing machine and assorted debris which has formed a rudimentary artificial reef for various animals, including the occasional octopus.

If you don’t follow the wall, the rest of the bay is shallow and sandy making it a nice site for training.  There’s enough life here to be interesting without being distracting and the sand doesn’t take too long to clear if it gets kicked up.

by Rosanna Milligan